22 December 2004

Last night's discoveries...

Disturbing, that's about all one can say.

The area our sponsor has graciously given us to work in is open to everyone in the building. Until this past year, the team was free to leave things out without regard for the possibility of theft.

That has changed.

We will now have to lock our rooms up.

As much as I want to rant about this situation, I will keep it to myself. Suffice to say that I am terribly disappointed and it irks me to no end that somone would stoop so low as to invade the student's territory, relieving them of material that was purchased for an educational endeavor.


Training went well regardless. Animation really got the best out of last night, a 1-on-1 with pretty neat stuff presented. Controls/Electrical got to see the newly laid-out room and to start getting familiar with the electronics.

We still have to sort some things out with regard to software, but that's around the corner.

The mechanical room is still in disarray, but that, too, should be a short task.

18 December 2004

Animation class last evening...

Well, at least there was an animation class last night. Thanks much to our sponsor liasion who managed to get the security folks to see the light. Maybe from now on, things will be a little easiser to manage with that respect.

Two students from MHS and one from Alvirne spent over 2 hours with my son learning some useful techniques with 3d Studio MAX. Very productive, I would say. I even learned something about MAX and some of the terminology. Not having a kit on my machine here, I can't play as my son does. However, the concepts are the same so it is somewhat irrelevany as to which animation tool you choose to use.

The next classes are this coming Monday and Tuesday, so it would be good if more than the two who showed up last night could make it.

17 December 2004

Steppin' n' Fetchin'

Some things are coming together, but not without certain amounts of agita. Over the summer, the place we work at our sponsor's facility was all torn up because of a need to replace flooring. And, as usual, the best laid plans get put asunder when emergencies arise, so the flooring job wasn't completed on the scheduled date as everyone had hoped.

That left all of our area upside down so we spent a good deal of time doing a general cleaning and sorting out of useful vs. not so useful stuff. You have no idea how hard that is to do; pitching out odds and ends, bits and pieces that someday may be used to solve a problem. It's a guy thing.

Our computer room is nowhere near complete, there are some machines that are not connected and only some have the software we need installed.

Much work left to do.