10 March 2009

Ready for Chesapeake

This past weekend, several team and members mentors worked to build the upgrade parts for "Recycleable."

There's a new pinch roller assembly that will replace the conveyor; It will provide not only a mechanism to retain balls while the ramp is up, but will also provide some velocity to the balls on exit. That should allow us to better deliver balls to the opponent's trailer.

The other upgrade is the ramp lift drum assembly; granted, it only increased in diameter by 1/2" but that added speed, plus the ability to position the ramp while loaded with balls and not have them dribble out.

Lastly, there's a new ramp, sans conveyor. Lighter, faster, able to leap tall buildings, yada-yada-yada.

So, on the bus ride to Annapolis, we'll have a plan-of-attack meeting to map out precisely who does what to which.

How well things go from there is entirely up to our competitors...


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