06 January 2009

Week1 starts...

This year was the first time we witnessed the game revelation at MHS and was a success. Parents and team members watched a NASA live webcast on the big screen in the little theatre. Everything worked well.

Day 1 was spent understanding the game play rules and started just after the webcast ended. Not much in the form of deep understanding of the game, but at least everyone started out on the same level.

After lunch, Mr. Reich presented a session on brainstorming and how Segway does it. Pretty good stuff. Not that I am unable to be creative, I did find that I am more of an "execution" person, as is Ron.

I was unable to spend time with the troops on Sunday, as I was attempting to assemble a game play component... the trailer.

Don's back and now can spend more, regular, time with the team and I've asked that he watch over the shop. Per's back too, and was present last night. Cameron has returned as well and I've asked that she look after the CM team. Having someone advising that key group should make the build a little easier than last year. Less time hunting for parts and supplies and more time actually doing things productive.

The "ideation" crew came up with a slew of ideas and under Ron's direction, condensed them into two basic ideas that would be the focus of prototyping and will continue tonight.

I got to sit and watch everything happening, not up-close-and-personal, but from a slight distance. What I saw was a light atmosphere, the room was buzzing with independent conversations amongst groups of 3-4 students. Everyone was engaged and being productive.

This is going to be a good year.


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