12 November 2008

Lead meeting - spiritied planning session

Last night was again an interesting view into the soul of Team 166. Because of the Veteran's Day holiday for the school, we met at our faculty advisor's house.

All the team leads were present, the sole purpose of the meeting was to finalize the schedule we will attempt to adhere to this season.

They engaged in an enthusiastic discussion about how to include the rookies into the design process. All seemed to be wary of the rookies' ability to offer constructive suggestions, more concerned that they'd be impediments to progress, but also agreed that their presence was necessary to prepare them for the years following.

Other issues that were not-so-on-topic, was the sheer number of rookies and what needed to be done to ensure they are engaged while a core design team developed the machine. Without something to occupy their time, boredom will certainly set in, and there then exists the potential of losing members.


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