03 November 2008

Have thew new team members gotten the "fever?"

On Saturday, T166 participated in a traditional fall season mini-competition, not far from home. River Rage, hosted by Manchester West High School is almost as old as FIRST itself, and so has become the "place to compete" in the fall. What makes this more fun than usual (which is hard to do in the first place) is that there's a theme that teams are encouraged to adopt. So, teams adorned in costumes of all kinds are in attendance.

Team 166 generally uses the mini-comps to introduce the noobs to FIRST with a hands-on approach. Mentors sit in the bleachers, the veteran members take charge and run the operation. Drivers, robot maintenance, and all aspects of the competition are taken care of by the team. It's a learning experience that goes 'way beyond what they learn by listening.

The awards that were presented are tokens, but the award that Team 166 presented to itself, by the veteran members to the rookies is one that no one can take away, or put a price tag on. What they were introduced to, in addition to this fall competition tradition, is another tradition that started a number of years ago; the post-competition team dinner.

What better way to build a team, but break bread with one and other.


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