07 November 2008

disturbing news delivered last night...

Another good night was enjoyed by Team 166. In addition to the slew of team members actively engaged in training, there was also a parent meeting.

A little crowded, for sure, and things were going well, or so I thought.

I had been assured about a week ago that the ProE software, whose licenses expired at the end of last school year, would be reinstated and we'd be up and running this past Tuesday. Well, that didn't happen, and while I wasn't surprised, I am now getting quite upset about the lack of support we're getting from the school. I'll never get used to this utter lack of commitment, nor the lack of worth in someone's words.

Not only does this affect the FIRST team's training, it has been affecting the curriculum of the mechanical drawing teacher as well. Because there's a workaround, the IT person doesn't feel compelled to make good her promise to get the software installed.

Ok, that affects the everyday classes, but now, according to our faculty advisor, several students who signed up for the ProE training and subteam and considering quitting the team.

Is it time to start considering going over others' heads to get things sorted out??



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