01 December 2008

A short break...

And so another Thanksgiving has passed, and we're almost thru the training sessions for this season. There is so much going on, that I really haven't thought much about Daniel not being around. The rest of the team has been keeping me pretty busy.

Things this year are dramatically different from the past three seasons. There's an air of lightness, not the heavy, overcast, shadowing that was getting worse with each passing season; the fun of FIRST has been resurrected.

I think I mentioned previously that the team has chosen to attend the Chesapeak regional, rather than wait for Atlanta. The plan includes traveling by bus, caravanning with several other teams from the local area. We're all going to be staying at the same hotel too. It's more costly with regard to vacation time burned, but it'll be great fun.

We're also closing in on the Segway raffle. Since May, T166 has sold enough to cover the cost of the machine, which has been sold to us at a fantastic discount (Thanks SEGWAY!!!) and make a profit of nearly $2500. That will easily cover the cost of the trailer and the graphics on the sides.

Well, enough for tonight...


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