17 November 2008

Another successful event...

This past weekend Team 166 hosted an FLL regional meet, which are now being called "qualification" competitions.


Only 16 lego league teams were registered, but on reflection, the meet went smoothly. Not because of the fewer number of competing teams, that did have an effect, but the fact that T166 has done this for several years, we've gotten the process pretty well established.

Tweaks, here and there, for sure, but nothing major. The most striking thing this year was the newest scoring software package that allowed teams to see their rankings instantly, as well as the up-scale look and feel of a FIRST competition, complete with sounds and an on-screen timer.

This year, we put the scoring table and display between the two sets of playing tables and had the teams enter the playing area at the sides, instead of the middle. That seems to have worked out much better.

Day went well, except for one accident in the mens' room where personal injury was sustained, severe enough to require surgery. That was performed yesterday, and was successful.

One other incident marred an otherwise perfect competition. Seems that one parent took a photograph which caused the flash to fire, whereupon another female parent, of the same team, made a comment. The picture taker allegedly took offense and made a verbal, abusive comment and even appeared to be positioning himself for a physical altercation. Her husband witnessed that gesture and stepped in, and somehow, physical contact was made.

What's sad is that he wouldn't or couldn't contain himself, but chose to make a scene and ruin his son's experience as well. What adds to this unfortunate situation is that this person is known to some of Team 166's adult members, and his behavior is not unusual. He has history with Team 166.

While I was not present to witness any of this first-hand, I had been told, by several others' and their recollections of the incident are similar. I have no reason to doubt anyone else's recount of the event.

Some adults never grow up.


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