02 February 2009

Week 5

The end of week four, for me, was somewhat down, evidenced by my post a week ago. I suspect that this is, and what will become, a normal characterization of how FIRST affects me.

After some reflection, it became clearer to me that intense involvement since early October has taken its toll on me. But, I have to reconsider that statement when I look back to a year ago. I don't believe that I had the same "down" episode. Could it be that this will be a 4-year cycle? Could it be that as the core group mature and take charge, that this feeling will ebb? Time will tell.

Things are indeed starting to shape up. We're awaiting parts, possibly arriving today. The chassis and frame are complete, the control system code is being debugged and tested, progress is being made.

Still need to acquire a few odds and ends.

And on another note... our trailer...

We got a call a few days ago telling us that our trailer had been delivered to the local Lowe's. We went to collect it, however, we were disappointed to see that its height was not what we wanted, but were assured time and time again that it was at least 5' high. Well, it barely makes 4' and the overall dimensions would make it so small that we could onlt put the robot in it, no tools, no extras.

Seeing our disappointment, and taking responsibility for the misinformation, the management offered a larger trailer at their cost. We'll have it tomorrow...

The trailer is 6X10' with a 6' ceiling, more spacious that the first one, but still capable of being towed by smaller vehicles and light enough to be moved by hand.


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