05 February 2009

Mid-week5 update

Progress is being made, albiet slowly. It is apparent from the standup status each night that the reality of ship date closing in is beginning to make an impression.

The conveyor mechanical components were assembled last night, all that's left there is to affix the drive motor and build up the movable platform.

Software made some tremendous progress with a demonstration of a PID loop acting on the drive. As designed, it succeeded in keeping the wheel speed constant! Reaction time is slow, but that is tunable. The insulated camera mounting bracket for the dual-axis gimbal mount has been designed and is half built. That will provide the visual panorama needed to detect the opponent's goal and home in on it. Positioning the ultrasonic sensor for final approach is on deck for tonight.

Trailer update... another glitch... it doesn't fit onto their flat-bed truck, so we have to pick it up ourselves. To show their good intentions, another $100 was taken off the price. So, I'll be heading to Tilton tomorrow to fetch it...

Good people @ Lowe's


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