19 January 2010

PDR outcome and what's next

Not bad, not bad at all.

We had an additional 4 reviewers last night and the troops did amazingly well. They were prepared, fully understood the significance of the purpose of the review and took everything seriously.

As a result, there wasn't a question that was asked that didn't have a resonably well thought out reply, and all comments were recorded so they could address each later.

They understood that there is still much work to be done on the final review and are anxious to get going tonight. The problem is this is finals week, and so we're pushing them to study, do well on the exams and put FIRST in the background.

Our Mech. Team lead is doing an awesome job. He's finally become the leader that was struggling to get out. It was just a matter of time. Not only is he taking the leadership role for the robot construction, but he's also thinking like a driver. He is gunning for that position, and has a really good shot at being the team's prime drive team member.

Given the feedback from the reviewers, the crew has decided to push the FDR out to next Monday; finals will be done, and the will have the weekend to work on the finer details of the design.


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