29 October 2004

zigs and zags

A little while ago, a couple of weeks, at least, our sponsor told us that we were losing a key resource: our machine shop!

That was quite an announcement, but we soon came up with a plan to restructure the area we're in. That meant that we needed to clean up a lot of extra stuff we kept "just because" we might need it some day.

That was day 1

On day 2, we were told that we were going to lose yet another room.

And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Another setback, but still we had enough space to work in. Minds started thinking of ways to utilize the space more efficiently and we made plans to clean up and further scrutinize our holdings.

Then, on day 3, we were told that all the rooms would be left to the team, the move effort for the other group was not cost effective. Yea!

Much rejoicing and dancing in the streets!

So, we're still cleaning up because we are trying to help the facilities people abate the asbestos tiling on the floors. The whole area has been torn apart, new subfloors have been installed and nothing is in its original place.

Kickoff loom ahead, and we have a place to go, but it's not ready yet... hopefully, it will get sorted out before build season gets underway

25 October 2004

Where to start?

Here it is, the pre-build portion of the season and there still is no organization to speak of. Team captains have been put into place, but there are no sub-team captains at this time.

I feel that we're running out of time and there are precious few weeks left to get these basic underpinnings in place.

Training is behind, but then I think that's in large part due to the aggressive schedule we kept throughout the summer.

Ah, well, things will work out regardless.

I should be at work, but I've been down with a pretty foul head cold for the past three days. I certainly hope that tomorrow will be a better and healthier day.