17 January 2011

Week 1 ended . . . almost without incident

The game is somewhat interesting, a remake of Rack 'N Roll 5 seasons ago and Triple Play, 7 seasons ago. Need a lift AND an arm to deploy colored tubes shaped like the FIRST logo.

So we are able to separate the manipulator from chassis, and with that being said, there's already a model of the chassis in ProE.

This year, I've pushed to use 80/20 extruded aluminum, and as usual, once there is an apparent 'failure', irrespective of how long ago or whether that failure was a user error, the material is deemed unsuitable. Not so fast, Gearloose... just because YOU weren't capable of using the material IAW it's design, don't blame the material.

Same thing with the wheels. . . OK mechanum were chosen, but why 8"?? Why not 6"...

Ahh, because there's a minute difference in the coefficient of friction between the two dimensions. AndyMark put that number there, so it MUST be important. Don't know why, but since the 8-inchers have a bigger number, it must be better.

As it turns out, 6-inchers with a 9:1 reduction will offer a higher theoretical velocity than the setup they *were* going to use... it's all in the numbers, Gearloose, it's all in the numbers.

One thing however, there will be MUCH less interference by one junior mentor than was injected last year.


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