25 January 2010

Week 3 begins...

...with the FDR tonight @ 7PM.

Not a lot of interest from the people that were asked, but the one who is coming is probably the most valuable. He's been down this road many times, and knows just what questions to ask. An
d of the questions that he asked last week, the design team has answers for each... They're somewhat concerned about being ready, and I see that as being a very good sign. Last week, they were ready for the review and accepted the critique well. We're at a good place, schedule-wise, lots of thought going into the design, reaffirming the choices made based on the strategy that was decided upon.

weekend went pretty well; Saturday had a lot of activity around getting the kicker to function as needed. Bungees seem to work very well in tension mode, but as a ballista, not so well. Concentrating on how to release and re-tension the kicker took up yesterday's time and we have a prototype to help the design team complete its task. one thing to note is that there were more members present on Saturday than on Sunday.

Could it be that the free lunch is the catalyst that draws them here?


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