06 March 2005

A good weekend...

All the work since Kickoff has concluded at the BAE Granite State Regional. The team's entry has to be the best we've ever produced. It did everything we needed it to... AND ... it was underweight.

T166 has a propensity to build rugged machines capable of taking a beating and coming back for more, however, it was at the price of weight. Last year's machine was built so rugged, that we had to eliminate functionality to meet the limit.

This year, we still built a rugged machine, but it was within weight. Very impressive, IMHO for this team who is now beginning to get the idea that not all of the machine has to be built to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear warhead. This year's entry, OTIS, is light, fast and strong (where it needs to be).

I am very proud of this team, they have come a long way since September. 12 new team members, many freshmen, all coming together to put an outstanding machine onto the compeition floor.


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