31 January 2005

Time passes so quickly

Well, here it is, the beginning of week4 and there's not a whole lot to show for our effort.

The team's been putting in long hours, but there seems to be a stalling point, we're not getting the drawings into the shop, there are unanswered questions regarding some of the mechanics and electronics.

The software and controls team is mired in the workings of the CMU2 camera, there are more questions than answers and when they seem to be homing in on an answer, it quirts away. They're determined to get that device working, as the whole autonomous strategy rests on the ability to seek, find and acquire a vision tetra.

Mechanically, there is a stalling point with the gripper mechanism. The design, simple as it is, seems to be falling short of being able to retain its grip on a tetra.

Thinking about the design, it seems that something as simple as two closet door latch mechanisms could do what we need and with a lot less effort than we're expending at the moment. The arm mechanism and its lifting agent are also at a standstill, there are too many unknowns at this time to have a solid plan of attack.

The drive/chassis team seems to be at odds with the supplied transmissions and they're wrestling with wheels, now considering some lexan instead of the supplied skyway products or even the mountain board wheels donated by one of the team members. Way too much time, IMHO, is being spent on this.


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