15 January 2005

First day at our sponsor's facility

Today we spent the day at our sponsor's facility.

Over the summer, the area was cleaned up and new flooring was installed in the center room and machine shop. Just yesterday, electrical power was restored to the machines and although we can't let the students or non-employee mentors use them until after a safety inspection, there are enough of us who can get simple things done.

The week's work of strategizing and initial design done at the school allowed the subteams to attack their particular areas right away. Not to say, however, that everything went smoothly, there are still lots of rough spots.

One of our fellow mentors for the sister team delivered a mockup of the tetra autoload station. Big help, much appreciated. She and her crew also built a game piece and delivered the materials we need to build one field goal. We can concentrate on a game-winning strategy and the machine necessary to achieve that goal.

There was a lot of excitement today, and a few new rules were tried out. So far, the communal lunch break worked really well. As a group, we went to the cafeteria to partake of what the parent-booster group brought in. Much better organization, IMHO, everyone got to take a break, but still talk about the work they're doing.


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