17 January 2005

Into the 2nd week... all goes... ok

Martin Luther King's Birthday.

T'was a school day off and all throuout the team there was a desire to come in early.

Can't happen, we work. Oh well, that's life. And we learned something too.

Since there were too many people here every night during last season's build, the numbers of students was somewhat unmanagable with the number of company mentors.

This year's a completely different game, there are almost as many mentors as students, so last night's showing of about half the team's numbers was most advantageous.

Things got done regardless. Good work by all.

Chassis got 'way closer to running, tomorrow night we will see this year's skeleton creation run across the floor. Something for the controls team to play with while the designers work out the details of the manipulator. It was good to see everyone busy with something, the evening went by quickly, and profitably.

Let's see what tomorrow evening brings...


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