16 January 2005

Down to nutz 'n boltz

Some real work got done this afternoon. Almost everyone was busy doing something profitable.

The chassis, out of the box, was being built and wired up, the goal being to get a drivable chassis by quitting time. Didn't happen, but we're close enough.

Trying to get things done caused me to forget to return a piece of equipment to my work area, not that it will be missed, just that I intended to return it before we finished for the day.

Same thing for the small arbor press which I borrowed and found we couldn't use.

While trying to notch out a piece of aluminum, I discovered that the punch is missing the hardened roller assembly. Don't know where/when we're going to get that fixed.

Still don't have the authority to let the students into the machine shop, one of the company safery officers needs to inspect the area and we have to comply with his findings.

While using one of the drill presses to insert press-fit bearings, the collar that elevates the work surface split, rendering the press inoperable. Need to get that part welded and redressed to fit.

The team's getting into the habit of cleaning up after themselves. It's a good habit to get into and the more stress that gets put onto that subject, the better. We actually had team members vying for the pushbroom.

Tomorrow's off for the schools, but not me. It would be nice if they could get into the facility earlier, but there are 'way to many of them for one or two mentors to watch over.

We'll pick up where we left off tomorrow evening.


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