08 February 2005


Getting there, that's about all one can say.

Things are coming out of the shop and assembly is moving forward.

Drivers are working together to see who matches up with who and are practicing with the 2nd 'bot.

I am getting very tired, all the details that were taken care of by others in years past are now in our collective laps, and there are LOTS of details.

The area is now an official laboratory and the rules by which we operate have been established, training delivered and everyone seems comfortable with everything.

Much thanks to everyone at the company for helping us out, from training to setup to acquisition of materials. We most certainly appreciate everything you are all doing for us.

Tomorrow, more snow is predicted, and could potentially interfere with the build. Friday is an off-day for some of the mentors, and so we're planning on being at the build site at 4PM when the students can arrive. This plan worked two weeks ago and should help out again.

Sleep. Need more...


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